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eAuPair Help Tips

Image (.JPG or .GIF Only)

eAupair.com allows you to upload an image of yourself. To do this click on the Browse button. A dialogue box appears and allows you to browse your machine. Find the image on your system that you want to upload. Double click on it in the dialog box, the path and file name will be automatically inserted into this field.

We can only accept images in one of the following formats .Jpeg and .Gif. These are two very common formats, and if you have an image in any other format, there are many packages to convert them to JPG and GIF. If you cannot convert them, eAupair.com will convert them for you. Email the image to info@eaupair.com and we will convert and upload the image for you.

If you are having a problem with uploading an image, leave the image off, and then email it to us, and we will upload the image for you. We have found that some Mac systems do not allow images to be uploaded to our system.

If you do not have an electronic image, eAupair.com will also scan an image for you. Please mail (snail mail) your photograph to the address under Contact Us with your login and we will scan and upload the image for you.

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