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eAuPair Help Tips

Show Help Tips on eAupair.com

If you are reading this now, you are reading a Help Tip. Help Tips are the little yellow Question marks all over the site. Help Tips are specific to the part of the page where they are located. You can read a Help Tip in one of two ways.

- Hold your mouse cursor over the small yellow question mark icon, and wait a second or two, a yellow pop up box appears, giving help on the specific point where the icon is located.

- If the pop up box does not appear You can click on the icon which will take you to the help tip message. To return to the page that you were on click the Return button.

You can switch Help Tips on or off at any time. It is suggested that you keep it on for a while and once you are familiar with the site you can switch them off. To switch them off do the following : Login to eAupair.com. Click on My Details. Click on Amend My Details. At the bottom of all your details is the following checkbox : Show Help Tips on eAupair.com Uncheck or check as required.

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