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eAuPair Help

Au Pair registration

This page enables you to input all your details as well as the details of the family that you are looking for.

Your Information
This section of the page is where your information will be matched to the family's profile.

* = Required Entry
Where * appears next to a field you have to enter information. If you do not enter information an error code will appear. Registration will only take place once the field is completed.

Email Address.
It is important that your email address is input correctly. This address is used in a number of ways: for us to communicate with you and for the family to contact you. If this address is entered incorrectly you will not receive your login and reference number to enable you to access eaupair.com This means that you will have to register again.

Hold down the CTRL key for multiple selections.
To select more than one option do the following:
Hold down the control key.
Click on your choices with the mouse.
Use the bar on the side of the drop down menu to scroll up or down.
Only release the control key when you have made all your choices.

We have tried to include all the possible choices in the above. If your nationality/language/religion is not listed, please email info@eaupair.com

It is in your interest to enter as much information as possible about the referee. Below is a guide to the information that should be input:
name and address,
telephone and fax number,
email address.

Employment Profile
This section of the page is where your requirements will be matched to the family. The information entered here is the default profile. This profile can be amended or deleted on the "set match profile" page.

Password The password which you enter here, will be confirmed in the eAupair Match Registration email. This email is sent to you when you have successfully submitted your information.

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