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eAuPair Help

How do I select/change criteria on my search profile?

The "Add New Profile" and "Amend Profile" pages allow you to select or amend criteria for a profile. You can select as many or as little criteria as you wish. Please bear in mind that the more criteria you select the less likely to find a match. The best approach is to do the following : Set up a profile with the minimum requirements that you are looking for, between 1 - 3 criteria. In this profile you should select what is very important to you. You can then create another profile with more criteria selected 3 - 6, which would represent more of a perfect match, you can create a further profile with 6+ criteria set, but experience has shown us that there will be very few matches on a profile with this many criteria set.

What to keep in mind when selecting criteria

Multiple Selections
If you wish to have a match to all entries in the multiple selection boxes (see example image below), select none of the possible entries, which in effect will ignore that particular criteria.
Multiple Selections
Set as Email Profile
When this item is checked a daily email will be sent to you on possible matches against this profile. You can have any of your profiles set as an email profile. You will receive an email for each profile you set as an email profile. If you do not wish to receive daily matches against a profile, uncheck the option.
Sort Profile By
When you run a profile you have the option of sorting the results as follows :
Date Registered - This will be in descending order, with the newest registrations first
First Name - In order A - Z
Last Name - In order A - Z
Reference - By reference number
Country - In order A - Z, from which country the user is from.
Last Login - In descending order of the last date that a user logged into eAupair, which will list the most active user first.

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