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eAuPair Help

What is Find a Match?

The Find a Match section is where you manage the search functionality. This section has five subsections. They are explained below.

By Search Profile - You can search for users by using a profile. A profile is a set of criteria that you set and save. Matches are performed against these criteria. As a paid user of the site, you can have many profiles each with its own set of criteria. As an unpaid user you can have one profile. You can also change and delete each of your profiles in this section.
If you have a profile with two stars (**) next to it. this that this is your email profile. You will therefore receive a daily email advising you of new matches to this profile.

List One by One - You can search for users by listing them all one after the other, they will be listed from newest registration to oldest. This feature is only available to eAupair.com Pro users.
To upgrade to eAupair.com Pro user status please click on the 'eAupair.com Pro' button off the main menu.

Directly - You can find an Au Pair / Family directly if you know the reference of the user. The reference is the unique number that eAupair.com assigns its users. Au pair reference numbers will start with AUP and famiy reference numbers start with FAM.

Hot List - This link lists all users that are listed in your Hot List. You can add users to your hot list when you view their details. Once you click on the 'Add to Hot List' icon the user is added to your Hot List. For Hot List management click on the 'Hot List' menu option.

Match to Me - Fast match to the basic information entered when your registered. The match will be performed on the following criteria : Nationality, country, religion, practice religion, smoking, available dates, period of stay, under age children, gender, age and housework. This is the same as list all, but with a scale graph added to indicate the percentage/level of the match.
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