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eAuPair Help

How do I know if someone wants to chat to me?

When a user calls you for a chat, a pop-up window appears.
The window has the following information “FAMxxxx wants to chat with you?”.
Click “Cancel” if you do not wish to chat.
Click “Ok” to chat.
The "Who Is Online" screen appears.
The following appears: “(FAMxxxx) Joe Soap wants to chat with you.” A flashing icon also appears next to this.
To reply to the user who initiated the discussion, click on the name of the user.
Please wait while the chat screen loads.
To chat to the user who called you, type in the block next to where your user reference appears.
Once you have typed your message, press the “enter” key on your keyboard.
When the user you are chatting to replies, the reply appears in the big block on the left-hand side.
Continue chatting by typing in the block next to where your user reference appears.
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