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eAuPair Help

Adding photos to the site

On eAupair.com you can upload images in the following format : JPeg (With the following file extension .JPG).
Make sure that you have a JPG file stored on your PC or Macintosh and you know where it is.

To add images do the following:
Login to eAupair.com.
Click on "My Details".
Click on "Manage My Images".
Click on "Add Another Image".
Click on the “Browse” button to add your photo.
A dialogue box appears. This box allows you to find your image.
Find the image on your computer.
Double-click on it or click on the Open button in the dialogue box.
The image name and location are displayed on the webpage.
Click on the "Submit" button.
The image is now transferred to eAupair.com.

Note: If you have a large image the transfer may take some time. Please wait until the transfer is complete, for the image to be made available.

eAupair.com creates a small thumbnail image automatically and shows you this small image when the image has been successfully uploaded.
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