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eAuPair Help

Manage My Images

eAupair.com allows you to present yourself in the best possible way. You may upload as many images as you wish. In this section you can manage the images that you have online with eAupair.com.
The fotos are divided into “Primary Image” and “Other” images. The Primary image is the first image the user sees when looking at your details.
Under the "Manage My Images" page, the primary image is highlighted to let you know which is your primary image.
If you have more than one image, a button appears on your details page to alert the user that you have more images.

Au pairs
The primary image should be a picture of you. Ideally it should be a close-up head and shoulders foto. Fotos of your family and friends etc., can then be added as "other images".
The primary image should ideally be of the parent(s) and child(ren). Fotos of your family and friends etc., can then be added as "other images".

Tips on the foto that you want to upload:
Make sure the picture is clear.
Make sure that you are appropriately dressed for the foto.

There are 4 options on the “Manage My Images” page:

Add another image.
Delete images.
Set primary image.
Add image comments.
These are discussed separately.
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