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eAuPair Help

Message section

The messaging section has two parts to it. One is where you can see messages that have been sent to you, and reply to them. The other is messages that you have sent to users, where you can view and manage them.

The 2 sub headings are : Messages To You and Messages Sent By You.

Messages To You

This section lists the subject, the date the message was sent to you, if it was read by you and the if it was replied to by you. To read the message click on the subject of the message. You can now read the message and reply to it. If the message has been replied to, you will be shown the original message, and the reply. It is very important to read your messages and reply to them. All messages are logged and these stats are shown in your listing when viewed by prospective matches. If you do not reply to messages that have been sent to you, this reflects on your records and reflects negatively on you. Users are inclined not to contact other users who do not reply to their emails.

Messages Sent By You.

When you click on this section you will be shown the status of all the messages that you have sent. If they have been read, replied to and the users reference. You can click on the users reference to go directly to their details. If you click on the icon under Message or Reply, you will see the message that you sent and the reply the user sent. If there is no icon under Reply the message has not been replied to yet. The Delete icon is to delete the message from the system, if you sent a duplication or want to withdraw the message.

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