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eAuPair Help

How do I set up a profile?

Setting up your profiles to find a match is the most important part of eAupair.com and gives you the power to find the exact match for a Family or an Au pair.

Once you have registered:
Click on "Find a Match".
Click on "By Search Profile". This screen allows you to run, amend, add, delete, diagnose, copy and add your profiles to your hotlist. (See image below for example of the screen).

When you registered, a default profile was created called "Default Email Profile" and is listed the first time you go to Find a Match. Please follow these steps to create your own profiles to find your match.

On the image below there are 3 points (highlighted in red circles) that will be explained.

New Profile Name
Point 1 This is where enter in the name of the new profile. We suggest that the name you choose refers to what you are looking for, so that you remember what kind of search it is performing. Eg. My perfect match, An acceptable match or Not so perfect match.
Add New Profile Button Point 2 Once you have entered in a profile name click on the "Add New Profile" Button. This takes you to the list of criteria that you can search on. Hint : In the list boxes of the criteria, if an option does not matter to you, then do not select anything.
Profile Actions Point 5 These icons are used to manage each profile listed.
Click on this Icon to Run Profiles - Run This Profile - This icon runs the profile to list the possible matches to the criteria that you selected
Click on this Icon to Amend Profiles - Amend This Profile - This icon allows you to make changes to the profile to adjust and change the criteria.
Click on this Icon to Delete Profiles Delete This Profile - If you no longer want this profile click on this icon to delete it.
Click on this Icon to Diagnose a Profile - Diagnose This Profile - Sometimes a profile will not yield any matches. You can diagnose the profile to see why few or no matches are being found.
Click on this Icon to copy a Profile - Copy This Profile - If you want to make a copy of a profile click on this icon. Enter in the new profile name by typing over the "Default Email Profile New" field. Click "Add New Profile". A new profile is created with the same match criteria of the profile that you copied.
Bulk add results of this profile to HotList - Bulk Add to Hotlist - By clicking on this icon all the results of the matches for this profile will be added to your hotlist. A list of matches appears. Select the check box next to each entry you want to add to your hotlist. Click the "Submit To Add All Selected To Hot List" button. The selected entries will be added to your hotlist. If you wish to select all the matches to be added to your hotlist, click the "Check All" button.

Cannot delete your default profile - Cannot Delete This Profile - Your default profile cannot be deleted. This is the reason you have a grey icon for the default profile. If you create further profiles you can delete them. You can amend all profiles as you wish.

Hint : One of the strengths of eAupair.com is the ability to match on each criteria, but at the same time for every extra criteria that you add the number of matches will drop.

Hint : Create many profiles, with a mixture of ones that are very strict and others that have few criteria, but meet minimum criteria. The more criteria you add in a profile the less matches you will find.

Multiple profile creation is only available to members of eAupair.com Pro
Find a Match Screen

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