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eAuPair Help

My Details

This section of the site is where you manage/view information about yourself. This section is divided into seven sub-sections. They are discussed below:

Amend My Details - This page enables you to change your details on the site.
Delete My Details - This page enables you to delete your details from the site. Please note that if you delete your details, you are permanently removed from the site. We suggest that you use the "Disable My Details" feature as this allows you to keep your details on the site, but you do not receive matches etc.
View My Details - This page enables you to view your details as other users view them.
View My Stats - This page gives you information about the number of times your profile has been viewed/listed. This page is a purely information page and you cannot make any changes on it.
Manage My Images - This page enables you to manage the photographs that you upload to the site.
My Online Interview - This is where an au pair would complete the online interview. It is highly recommended that au pairs complete the online interview as it gives families additonal information.
Disable My Details - This page enables you to put your details on hold. Therefore your information remains on the site, but your details are not searchable and you will not receive any matches.

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