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Cookie error

eAupair.com requires that you enable the use of cookies in your browser software. Cookies are containers that are placed by eAupair.com to identify you as a subscriber. Without these cookies, you cannot log in. If a cookie is lost or corrupted, eAupair.com will prompt you to enter your login and password, at which time eAupair.com will automatically place a new cookie on your machine, allowing you to use your account again.

However, it is wise that you check your software to make certain the cookie settings are correct.
For Internet Explorer follow the directions below:

1. Click the Tools menu, and select Internet Options.

2. Select the Advanced tab, then scroll down to Security. Make certain that 'Always accept cookies' is selected under the 'Cookies' option. Click OK to save the changes.

For Netscape follow the directions below :

1. Click the Edit menu at the top of the Netscape screen, and select Preferences.

2. In the Preferences window, select the Advanced category, and make certain your settings match those shown below. Then click OK to save the changes.

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