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eAuPair FAQ's


If you are not an EU citizen, you need to obtain the following for a long stay visa: 1.a certificate of enrolment (plus receipt of payment) at any Italian School or College where you will be attending a course of Italian language. This school or College must be legally acknowledged ("legalmente riconosciuto") and the above mentioned certificate must be stamped by the local police. The visa will be issued for the length of time of the enrollment in school. 2.a return air ticket. 3."travel assistance" insurance and medical insurance 4.a written statement of support signed by the host family which must be stamped by the local police. 5.a written agreement between the you and the host family (which should specify the duration of stay, salary, study benefits, etc). The above must be stamped by the "Ufficio Provinciale del Lavoro", together with a permit issued by the local police. In some areas it is sufficient to just have this stamped by the local police. It is suggested that you contact the Italian embassy in your home country for further information.
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