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eAuPair FAQ's

What does the family provide for the au pair?

The family pays for the aupair’s living expenses, which include room and board. If the au pair needs special dietary items she/he is responsible for this. The aupair is responsible for all personal items such as toiletries, health supplements, hair care items, etc.

A private bedroom should be provided for the aupair. Extra amenities in the room such as TV, stereo, phone, computer, are not required. However, the more comfortable an aupair feels in your home, the more successful the arrangement is likely to be.

The family can expect the aupair to pay for her/his long distance phone calls.

If the aupair drives the children to and from school and activities, and/or does the grocery shopping, the family pays for gas, oil and maintenance. The family can expect the aupair to pay for gas when she/he uses the car for her/his personal errands. You need to ask your insurance company for the options of how to insure the au pair as a driver of your vehicle(s).

NOVA PAGINA She should take her meals with the family and be invited to share in recreational pursuits whenever possible. An Au- Pair is not a qualified child-minder nor domestic. She should receive full instructions before being left in sole charge of the household or with children. During the initial period the Au-Pair will need time to adjust to her new environment and the family must be patient and sympathetic in order to build up a good relationship.
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