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eAuPair FAQ's

What is an au pair?

An au pair is (normally) a young person, who lives with a host family for between 1 and 24 months. The role of the au pair is basically to look after the children, prepare meals and do some light housework.
This is just a basic overview of what an au pair may be asked to do. The au pair may also be asked to:
drive the children to and from school,
help the children with homework, extra murals etc.,
When au pair programs were originally set up the purpose was to ensure an exchange of cultures coupled with looking after children. Therefore an au pair from France would want to work in the United States to learn English, the American culture and way of life. The family in return would also learn about the French language and culture and would get assistance with their children. The au pair does not sign a contract and is usually treated as part of the family. However the conditions of work should be laid down on paper to protect the family and the au pair.
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