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Read Message : Black List and Complaints
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Author : juan carlos leanez
Date Posted : 25/01/2012
this profile is from another african mother fucker. michaelcollies@yahoo.com i added to my yahoo messenger and they have a profile in the uk but they wreote saying they are in NJ.full of shit.so i've the governor andrew cuomo phone number in new york.and if these mother fuckers are hold by police i will use my cous.ntry's delegates through CHAVEZ relationships to end any future relationships with the U.S.A we have had enough shit with your africans fraudsters there. _____________________________ Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 09:52:32 -0800 From: michaelcollies@yahoo.com Subject: AU PAIR/NANNY NEEDED To:

Hello Dear,

Dear Au Pair, I wish you much luck and congratulate you for wanting to be an au pair. My four year old daughter have benefited greatly from their experiences with nannies and au pairs. My daughter is the most important part of our lives. We welcome the right person to join our family for a time and experience a different culture.

My family is looking for a warm, happy, organized, compassionate, fun, non smoking driver to join us in New Jersey. We live in a pretty suburb less than an hour from both Manhattan and the NJ beaches We have four year old daughter named Paige. Paige is a typical four year old girl who thinks she is six. We have given our daughter the responsibility in the house from a young age and must be respectful always. My husband is a Lawyer in NYC and I'm a sales manager for a beauty supply distributor. We have a little non allergic dog. We are Jewish and keep a kosher home. Not to worry, it is very easy to do. Our au pair will do light housekeeping and laundry. She will help with homework, drive to activities, and do some cooking. She will have plenty of time to take classes at a local college. She will have her own car and a private bedroom and bath.

Your job is not a hard one,I do not believe in supervising or monitoring people to do their job.I believe people should be giving a free role in whatever they do.So,I believe you should be able to perform well without being told.All entails preparing Our daughter for schooling the morning,taking Paige to the point where the school bus picks her up to school.You will have a free period then whereby you can do any vocation or practice whatever is at your disposal.Then you help monitor her after she is brought home by the school bus,just to make sure she is alright till my arrival from work.

You will be entitled to a pay of 800 Dollars every month while you will also be given an entitlement of 400 Dollars every week for petty expenses which you might need for yourself.This salary is subject to negotiations for an upward review upon your arrival.A well furnished Master bed room will be made available for your personal use soon as you get here.there will be your personal laptop connected to the internet, TV and other necessary gadgets at your disposal.There will be enough privacy for you,i guess you'll really like it.

Let me know if you are ready to take up this position and how soon you can make it here.Do you have a valid visa and other necessary to travel down here? Thanks. Olabesi Family.

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