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Read Message : Black List and Complaints
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Author : Eliza Watts
Date Posted : 12/04/2010
I'm pretty sure this is a scam. It sounded too good to be true, and it is. Here is a link of a website where I did an email locator search. http://www.spokeo.com/email/search?e=jsandraandd%40yahoo.com This is a fake, and I hope no one else falls for it. This is the message which was sent to me, it is similar to others already posted on this discussion board. Something needs to be done about scams like this, they are a waste of time for people who are really trying to find honest work.

Dear Aupair,

We are a cheerful, friendly family in Cambridge , England.We have two happy and affectionate kids, Jasmine (6) and Aidan (10) who attend the local school between 9 and 3.00 every day. Jasmine likes playing with trains, drawing, playing on the computer and garden swing, and riding his bike. Aidan wants to be a scientist when he grows up, and enjoys playing with Lego, art, reading comics, riding around on his scooter and playing with his new Nintendo Wii. We live in a very large modern family house with six bedrooms, three bathrooms, and beautiful views of the River Cam, in a popular family-friendly village right by Cambridge (15-20 minutes cycling ride).We are an hour away from London on the train (75km), and there is a mainline station direct to London in our village. We are also on the main bus routes. Dad works as a senior accountant for for the Greater London Authority, and Mum is a university lecturer in Cambridge . We love walking and swimming, cooking for friends, going on little trips with the children, and cycling.

Description of tasks:

We are looking for someone to get the children ready in the morning, prepare and clear up the family's breakfast at about 7.30am, make the beds, and take the children to school, which is about a 1.5km walk away. The au pair would then need to pick them up at 3.00 and look after them until we get home. We might ask the au pair to babysit 1-2 evenings a week.We have a really great cleaner, so there wouldn't be any heavy housework. There is a bit of light cleaning and laundry which would take about 90 minutes a day in total.

There would be plenty of time free in the day to go to language school, and there are a lot of good ones in the area.We will encourage and assist you to find suitable english classes (such as Cambridge Certificate) or other courses that you might be interested in so you feel that while you stay with us you develop and progress with your skills and education.

Living arrangements:

The au pair would have her own room, which is huge, and has a double bed, with sitting area and TV/DVD/Video/Hifi. There is wireless broadband internet in the house. It has a lovely view of Ely Cathedral to the North out of the big window. You can even use one of our cars all weekend! Also 2 weeks are paid holiday during Christmas/New Year plus another 2 weeks during the year. We are looking for someone with a good sense of humour.If you love children and could help us provide a loving environment combining routine and fun for the children then we would like to welcome you to our family as a friend and a big sister to our kids.Housework is not an important part of the aupair job, being part of our family and helping our children develop and learn is the main thing. We are really flexible.

Working hours:

07.30 to 09.00 and 1500 to 1900 Plus about 60-90 minutes of housework a day to fit in with the au pair's schedule. Some Friday afternoons off. Total 25-30 hours a week

Benefits :

We will be paying you £2000 pounds sterling for every four weeks. A pocket money of £250 pounds per week. And you will also be having your own car. We would send you a flight ticket to your door step, if you are intrested working with our family and a return ticket back to your country.

Other information:

The au pair would be part of the family, and we certainly don't expect a servant! We have had lots of au pairs in the past, and we are used to helping people get to know the area and make friends.

Sandra and James family 29, Ely Road Littleport Cambridge CB21 4AQ Tel Mobile +44-07031847252 Tel (+44) 02032872031

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