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Author : Diana García
Date Posted : 04/03/2005
Hi! I have a really big problem. I have found two wonderful families but I can't decide with whom to go with. One is in Germany and one in Switzerland. The family in Germany has a 6 year old gir and a 8 year old boy. It is a wonderful family and the mother has some family relation with my country, aspect that I love because she is so like me in many ways! They pay 200 euro a month, the language classes, transport and full insurance. I have saturdays as a free day, and I really like it because I can practice with the children my german and I don't have to do any housework! The swiss family has only one baby of 1 and a half years. They pay me 500 euro a month, the language courses and half of the insurance. The good thing about is that I have to work really few days. I would work like this: the first week 4 days, the second 3 the third 2 and the fourth 1 and a half days!!! That's a very good deal for the money they are paying, but I have to do housework, ironing, etc. I love the family in Deutschland and I think that is important because I want to have a fantastic cultural experience, and this family sounds like I would really be a part of their family. While in Switzerland the money is incredible, I have many freetime to go around and travel,,,but I would go just as a worker and not a part of the family,,,,,,what do you think?!? what should I do?

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