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Author : abby harks
Date Posted : 04/03/2005
hi i know its hard sometimes to decide...but ven though the money is really good in the second family you got to ask yourself how come they are paying so much when there is not a lot of work to do with the child??that might mean a lot of housework and an occasional babysittingday...why do you want to be an aupair??you want to learn the language and experience a different culture??or do you wanna just make money?also, what age do you prefer??there is quit an agedifference between the kids...can´t do as much with the younger one as with the 7 and 8 year old...with them you can talk, play and go places...of course i dont know nothing of the families but it sounds to me as if you really already made up your mind and want to go with the german family..what if the other family would be paying the same??you would pick the german one wouldnt you?so unless you are just an aupair for the money i would go with the german one...after all, the experience and language skills you will gain from being an aupair lasts a lifetime while the money that you might make wont... hope thats a little help!!! love, abby

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