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Author : Marie-Line BERTAUD
Date Posted : 10/12/2004
I have an issue I need to discuss with you as I feel pretty sad right now and I'm not sure what to do ... Last week, my au pair had left for the evening so I put her pocket money on her desk. Her diary was open and I just took a look at it out of curiosity, I didn't mean to read it BUT I saw my name there and also my husband's. So I started to read and read ... I was shocked to learn that she considered us boring people, that our friends and family are boring as well. I've always asked her to come with us to family meetings or dinners if she wished but we didn't force her ! She wrote she didn't like my husband because he asked "stupid" questions (she's a closed book and he's been trying to be nice to ask her how she's doing or what she's done when she was off ...). We're spending Christmas in Los Angeles with my husband's family and we're taking her there but she wrote that she'd rather stay in NYC and eat at a mcdonald's than being with us! Can you believe it ! I have also lost a baby last summer and she wrote that it was my own fault because I was working too much and that I deserved it because of that ... Gosh I'm crying as I'm writing this. My husband is really mad at her and stopped talking to her. It's been a week and we're talking about it on and on ... She's been here for 9 months and still had 6 months to go but we want her to leave. I loved her and my heart is broken. Plus she's taking such a great care of our baby daughter, it's not easy to find a good Au Pair. She seemed happy with us. So I thought. I feel guilty for reading her diary but at least I know the truth. Why is she staying with us if we're that bad ? I need to sort out everything this weekend and we're probably going to talk to her on Sunday evening. What do you think? Please help. Marie-Line

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