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Author : Katie Gupton
Date Posted : 27/06/2001
Hi. We have an aupair at the moment and our family has tried everything we feel we can to make her happy. We are everything (apparently) she did not want. She wanted to live in the middle of the city, as she has no license to drive...she wanted more friends her age, to have perfect children that listened to everything and have a summer of vacation while off from the university.

We live in a small town...the outskirts of the suburbs and we are within 8-10 miles of something to do no matter which way you choose to go. But you need to drive. We have tried to introduce her to people and she won't talk because they aren't like her. She comes off quite rude many times, doesn't help with family chores like picking up or putting dishes in the dishwasher after dinner, she does not involve herself actively in ANY family things we try to do to help make the time here fun.

I feel as if I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. My oldest (3yrs) will not listen to her. The aupair has gone as far as to tell me that she feels as if she has to "lock herself in her room to get away from her" meaning our oldest. I really resent that. I know I should try, but it is starting to become a personal grudge and I would like some advice to turn it around. Our 3 year old does NOT like her. Has told me "mommy, I not want to stay with her". How are you supposed to feel in a situation like this and what can I do?

My friends all say she is pretty mean to our 3 year old and only disciplines her. Very rarely says nice things to her.


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