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Read Message : Aupairs' Meeting Place
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Author : Abigail Murton
Date Posted : 14/11/2002
Hi all,

I have got myself in a bit of a muddle. I am working for a lovely family in Surrey, England, but have had to have a change of plans and now they are without an aupair.

Here's the story: I was planning to be here until Jan, but am now getting married in South Africa in March. Because I left everything so late there are no tickets in early Jan so I am having to go home (to SA) on Nov 30th.

This means that my family will suddenly be without an aupair. Let me tell you about the family - Peter & Jane live in Surrey with their 3 boys. The boys are lovely! Jarod (4) just started 'big school' and is thoroughly enjoying every moment of it. Drew (3) has just started nursery & is the sweetest thing! And last but not least is Joel (7 months) - the most content baby ever.

This was the first family I had ever worked for & I am really sad to be leaving them. They have been really good to me & I have had a great time here.

There are couple of perks too: the main one being the 'company' car. It's specific purpose is the school run, but you get to use it on weekends too!

Anyone interested in working for them please don't hesitate to ask any questions....

Thanks, Abi

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