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Black List and Complaints

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Reply to a threadBeware Sunil Varma FAM80677 Kira Mitton 53647 03/09/2016
Start of a threadscam Katy Galván 53624 08/07/2014
Start of a threadthis too is another lie. juan carlos leanez 53614 02/10/2013
Start of a threadthis profiles is also another lie they post 2 emails juan carlos leanez 53613 02/10/2013
Start of a threadthis profile was posted by african liars juan carlos leanez 53612 30/09/2013
Reply to a threadFAM 127690 JED PARSEE Danna Maria 53599 17/03/2013
Start of a threadthis profile is a racist family like many in the USA juan carlos leanez 53594 25/02/2013
Start of a threadTHIS PROFILE IS A scammer.i shame of all africans assholes juan carlos leanez 53590 22/01/2013
Start of a threadthis rubbish is from scotland a scammer juan carlos leanez 53585 10/11/2012
Start of a threadTHIS IS ALSO A SCAMMER juan carlos leanez 53576 25/08/2012
Start of a threadFAM353033 juan carlos leanez 53575 23/08/2012
Start of a threadFAM354006 juan carlos leanez 53574 19/08/2012
Reply to a threadSpam emails part two juan carlos leanez 53541 07/07/2012
Reply to a threadFRAUD ALERT TO FAMILIES AND AUPAIRS juan carlos leanez 53540 07/07/2012
Start of a threadyou will read what i got in my email below. juan carlos leanez 53539 07/07/2012
Reply to a threadmany family profiles are fake only african hackers juan carlos leanez 53514 29/03/2012
Reply to a threadmany family profiles are fake only african hackers Bongekile Malinga 53513 29/03/2012
Start of a threadmore scammers be careful of these profiles. juan carlos leanez 53500 25/01/2012
Reply to a threadSpam emails part one juan carlos leanez 53498 25/01/2012
Reply to a threadfraudsters juan carlos leanez 53497 25/01/2012
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