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Start of a threadfamily needed in Korea!!! samuel kiaku 53631 05/09/2014
Reply to a threadwe are looking for an Ap in Germany juan carlos leanez 53619 25/11/2013
Start of a threadUnited Station Rafaela Rogo Malosá 53504 07/02/2012
Start of a threadAu-pair come here in marts. Need friends in Denmark ( Fyn ) Annette Nielsen 53405 11/02/2011
Start of a threadlooking for friends in birmingham or close to this area lina pokor 53382 27/10/2010
Start of a threadSOUTHAMERICA ANNELIE EBERKVIST 53375 12/10/2010
Start of a threadwe are looking for an Ap in Germany Kerstin KerstinEngelatmsndotcom 53352 12/07/2010
Reply to a threadAmsterdam area Saskia D. 53248 27/11/2009
Start of a threadAmsterdam area Mallory Rhodes 53166 05/10/2009
Start of a threadANY ONE IN LUXEMBOURG? heidi hellen heiskanen 53111 05/07/2009
Reply to a threadThey want a western Union Pay, I can I do? agata catala 53097 08/06/2009
Start of a threadNORTHERN IRELAND Eva Barankova 53086 27/05/2009
Start of a threadauapir for christmas Cecilia Jiménez 52979 20/11/2008
Start of a threadAny au pairs in Winchester - England? Jérémie MAYET 52875 28/09/2008
Start of a threadItalian Aupair in Ashford Middlesex michelle bouquet 52863 23/09/2008
Start of a threadMaybe someone is in area Hastings??? Waldek Szydelko 52779 26/07/2008
Start of a threadNew aupairs in Switzerland Arianne Carlin 52751 08/07/2008
Start of a threadAnyone in Belfast&Northern Ireland ?? Natalia Paszt 52733 19/06/2008
Reply to a threadStanmore, Middlesex, North London Lenka Smetkova 52721 12/06/2008
Start of a threadanyone in London? Lenka Smetkova 52720 12/06/2008
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