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Aupairs' Meeting Place

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SubjectSort By Message Subject Author NumberSort By Message Message Number DateSort By Message Message Date
ICELAND AUPAIRS!!! click here! *BrItTaNy* Lequiere 17595 20/08/2003
Meeting people (2) *Patricia * 32474 18/09/2004
Looking for other Au Pairs in Boston (2) a a 6256 12/06/2002
Any nice Au Pairs in BOSTON? a a 6729 27/06/2002
New Communication Forum in Germany (3) Aachim Marc Mueller 5116 26/04/2002
Nannies Aaron Riksen 52369 22/12/2007
Any friends in ROME?!?! Abbey Wilson 14109 30/04/2003
Aupair in the area of North Italy?? (4) Abbey Wilson 15311 10/06/2003
mallorca abby harks 32506 19/09/2004
Mallorca abby harks 31257 18/08/2004
LONDON!!! abby harks 39699 25/05/2005
aupair AUSTRIA (5) abby harks 43358 03/10/2005
CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT!? (2) Abigail Murton 10019 14/11/2002
Aupairs in the Munich-area!!!! ADELE GROENEWALD 18655 22/09/2003
To ALL aupairs in the Loerrach-area in Germany !!! Adele Groenewald 31970 03/09/2004
sorry I am new to this and haven't worked out how to "chat" Adele Hawes 48346 01/06/2006
Aupairs in Basingstoke area for German aupair (2) adele robins 49353 11/07/2006
New aupair want to talk with ex aupair!!!! (5) ADELISE NATHALIE 20688 06/11/2003
any au pairs in north carolina? Adriana Avila 13847 21/04/2003
Do u want to divide cost to take english class in Herne Bay? Adriana Mair 36006 06/02/2005

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